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A grantmaking and advocacy organization dedicated to improving outcomes for headache sufferers.

united with one purpose

The Headache Center Institute proudly supports medical professionals, patients, and support networks alike, because we know that every piece of the puzzle is a necessary ingredient for success.

As you explore our website, look for the puzzle piece icons indicating which of our 5 core areas of focus each project serves:

01. clinical research

Research studies are a critical step toward bringing more and better treatment options to the market.

02. practitioner training

Programs that train practitioners in Headache Medicine are desperately needed to address the critical shortage of qualified Headache Specialists.

03. legislative change

Governmental support is necessary to ensure that ongoing research into headache causes and treatments is adequately funded.

04. public awareness

Raising awareness and reducing stigma help ensure that sufferers receive necessary accommodations, both at work and at home.

05. patient support

Headache disorders are often called an “invisible disability” due to a general lack of support and understanding, which can cause additional pain and can even prevent some from receiving adequate treatment. Patient support networks can provide a lifeline to otherwise-isolated headache sufferers. 

it is estimated that

1 million

people in the united states* suffer from migraine

*and as many as 1 billion people worldwide

but there are only


certified headache specialists* who can treat them

*currently practicing in the United States

1 %
of sufferers are unable to function normally during an attack
1 %
of sufferers who seek treatment are misdiagnosed
100 %
of sufferers receive appropriate treatment

Statistics courtesy of


This is a serious healthcare crisis: the vast majority of headache sufferers do not have access to qualified treatment. The Headache Center Institute believes that the most pressing need is to address this critical shortage of qualified practitioners:

the headache center fellowship program


The Headache Center Fellowship Program works to directly address the critical shortage of qualified Headache Specialists by providing hands-on clinical training in the practice of headache specialty. 

The Headache Center Institute also provides grant funding and other assistance to headache patients, healthcare providers, support networks, educational programs, and advocacy groups. Take a look at a few of the exciting projects we’ve supported:

thc research studies

Text about the research studies that THC participates in, if appropriate? or a different project or group entirely? 

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clinical research


patient support


Headache on the Hill is an annual lobbying event in Washington DC—organized by the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA)—that brings together health professionals, migraine & cluster headache advocates, and patients to present unified requests to members of Congress with the goal of increasing available funding for clinical research.

In 2018, 145 participants from 39 states visited 212 Congressional offices as part of Headache on the Hill. Visit the Headache on the Hill website to learn more.



Miles for Migraine

Miles for Migraine—another initiative of theAlliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA)—is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit working to improve the lives of migraine patients and their families, raise public awareness about headache disorders, and help find a cure for migraine. 

Miles for Migraine produces community fun run events benefiting migraine research, and hosts youth camps for kids and teens impacted by migraine or other headache disorders. Visit the Miles for Migraine website to learn more.

clinical research


patient support

cluster support group

Text about cluster group specifically, or text about multiple headache support groups if there are more than just the one? Link to a website if they have one. 

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patient support


The field of headache medicine is incredibly exciting right now! Progress is being made every day. But for the patients and families who are suffering, and for the providers searching for effective ways to treat them, that progress can start often feel far too slow. At The Headache Center Institute, we celebrate every victory—every support group founded, every practitioner trained, every clinical trial completed—as one more reminder: 

There is real hope for headache sufferers.


students enrolled in the headache fellowship program


patients enrolled in Clinical Research at the headache center


patients sponsored to lobby in DC with headache on the hill


educational programs presented to healthcare professionals


The Headache Center Institute’s work is made possible through the efforts of those industry professionals and organizations who have chosen to join us in this mission:

the headache center INSTITUTE DONORS

clinical research




patient support

Our work would be impossible without the generous support of our valued donors. 

board of directors

The Headache Center Institute is managed and directed by a highly-qualified and dedicated board of industry professionals, including:

Christina Treppendahl, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, AQH

The Headache Center: Founder/Director

Anne H. Calhoun, MD, FAHS

Carolina Headache Institute: Partner/Co-Founder
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:
Professor, Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychiatry

Nate Bennett, MD

Preferred Headache Center: Founder/Medical Director

Shivang Joshi, MD

Deborah A. Reed, MD

Frank R Berenson, MD

Heather McCoy, DNP

Ira M. Turner, MD

American Board of Psychiatry and NeurologyDiplomate

Alan M. Rapoport, M.D.


For further information about The Headache Center Institute or to apply for funding, please contact us using the form below.

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